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Only gain real and interested followers that comment and like.

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Get your own dedicated manager responsible for your growth.

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Your own dashboard to keep track of your Instagram growth.

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We want you to get relevant followers that are genuinely interested in your profile. Answer a few simple questions during your account creation to help us understand and target your audience better.

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We use a combination of power likes, engagement groups, cross-promotion and a targeted algorithmic growth formula to grow your profile. You will start gaining more followers, likes and comments immediately.

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You pay a one-time fee for a 30 days access pass and can renew manually whenever you want. No subscriptions, hidden costs or auto-renewals.


Popular questions

Am I tied to a subscription?

No. We don't work with subscriptions. You simply pay a one-time fee for 30 days access and you can renew your plan manually after 30 days if you wish to do so. Even if you do not renew your plan, all the followers and engagements you've gained will stay!

How many followers can I expect to gain?

Although results vary because your account is unique and so are your goals. We’ve been working and building high-quality accounts for a very long time. Exact numbers are hard to predict, but you can expect to gain anywhere from a thousand up to twenty thousand followers a month. It really depends on your industry and what package you choose.

What techniques are used to grow my Instagram?

Gramfuel has its own Instagram promotion network. We use several different methods depending on the type of followers you wish to gain. Primarily we use a combination of power likes, engagement groups, cross-promotion and a targeted algorithmic growth formula to push your account to the explore page, resulting in more reach, impressions and targeted followers.

How soon will I see results?

After creating an account we immediately begin working on your Instagram account. Given the organic nature of our service and your growth, you can expect to start seeing results in a couple of hours.

What is the difference between the two plans?

Both plans deliver real, powerful growth to your Instagram account. With the Pro plan we double your exposure, which means you’ll be getting 3-5x more traffic, engagement, and growth than you would with the Individual plan. The Pro plan also offers priority support, ensuring any questions or account changes are addressed promptly – a particularly useful feature for brands or influencers.

Do you need my password?

No! Not only is this extremely unsafe it's also highly frowned upon by the Instagram platform. Our services are built around authentic engagement and growth and we will never ask for your password. We are able to promote your account through our own Instagram promotion network.

Is this service guaranteed to get me Instagram growth?

Yes, we provide a ten day satisfaction guarantee. If at any point in the first ten days of service you are unsatisfied with our services we will refund your purchase with no questions asked.

Which payment methods do you accept?

We currently only accept Visa and Mastercard.

Over 5,000+ happy

Its great, I am at an average of about 1000 new followers per day. I have worked very hard to have great content on my feed but that alone was not getting me followers. Gramfuel has helped tremendously.


I have been using Gramfuel for a few months now, It has exceeded my expectations! I have made so many new engaging connections, and my business is growing as a result.

I am very happy with the results I've been telling all my friends about Gramfuel and that it really does work!


Excellent service and they do what they say they can do. My social media has and continues to grow in an organic way.


The service has been great so far. I needed growth from specific types of people and real people and it worked.

My followers have grown and so has my likes and engagement. Someone always answers my emails when I have questions about my account. Very satisfied. Would definitely recommend!